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Harnessing Yaya's Reference Functionality: A Comprehensive Guide

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

As a Yaya user, you have access to a wide array of tools to help enhance your profile and increase its appeal to potential employers. One such tool is Yaya's reference functionality, a platform feature designed to build credibility and trust. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to make the most of this valuable feature.

Understanding the Power of References

References serve as testimonials from your past employers, validating your professional skills, reliability, and work ethics. They can make your profile stand out and give potential employers the confidence to hire you. In essence, they underscore the authenticity of your profile and services.

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Requesting a reference will make your profile stand out from the crowd

Step 1: Initiating the Reference Request

Starting the process is simple. Tap the 'Request a Reference' button on your Yaya profile. This step initiates the reference request process.

Step 2: Inviting Your Previous Employer

Once you tap the 'Request a Reference' button, Yaya will generate an auto-generated link for you. You can send this link to your past employer using instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp. This message includes a secure link to a web form your former employer needs to fill out.

Step 3: Form Completion by Your Former Employer

Upon receiving your invitation, your previous employer will fill out the web form. This form will include specifics about your past employment and their experiences working with you. Remember, specificity and details are key to building a compelling reference.

Step 4: Verification & Approval by Yaya

Following the form submission, Yaya's team will take over. We'll verify the information provided and ensure its validity. If all the details align, we'll approve the reference.

Step 5: Earning Your Badge of Trust

After Yaya's approval, you can view the reference on your profile. If you accept the reference, it will appear on your profile, serving as a 'Badge of Trust' for potential employers to see. This badge signals that your past employers have vouched for your skills and work ethic.

Tips for Utilizing Yaya's Reference Facility Effectively

  1. Invite Multiple Employers: If you've worked for more than one family or employer, don't hesitate to ask each of them for a reference. Varied references can illustrate a consistent and commendable work record across different environments.

  2. Communicate Professionally: Always maintain professionalism in your communications relating to references. This includes the invitation you send to your former employers.

  3. Encourage Detailed Feedback: If possible, request your references to be specific about their experiences with you. If you excelled in certain areas, ask them to highlight these.

Yaya's reference facility is an invaluable feature that can significantly enhance your profile's attractiveness to potential employers. Leveraging it effectively can increase your chances of landing a job that perfectly matches your skills and preferences. For more tips on making the most of your profile, click here. Happy job hunting with Yaya!

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