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Tips for Writing a Great Profile

Updated: Feb 24

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Looking to connect with families in need of nannies? Creating a standout profile on Yaya will significantly boost your chances of attracting the right families. Check out our top tips on how to enhance your Yaya profile!

Families are naturally drawn to profiles that are well-presented and comprehensive. Make sure yours shines brighter than the rest! Read below on some tips for writing a great profile.

Tip 1: Profile Photo: Your profile photo is your first impression. Choose a clear, professional-looking photo where your face is easily visible. As a nanny or maid, you want to project a positive, trustworthy image.

Tip 2: Introduce Yourself: Your introduction is the next thing families will see. Think of this as your digital introduction, where you share who you are, why you chose to work as a nanny or maid, and your previous experiences.

Fill your introduction with engaging anecdotes and relevant skills to grab the attention of families and boost your chances of connecting with them.

Tip 3: Motivation: Explain why you love working with children and why you are suitable for this job

Tip 4: Experience: Highlight all your childcare or housekeeping experiences. If you've worked with a family for several years or have experience with children with special needs, mention that! Ask past employers to leave a reference or review on your profile to build credibility.

Tip 5: Education & Certifications: Have a relevant childcare certification or a degree? Be sure to include an updated list of your educational qualifications!

Tip 6: Unique Skills: Do you offer something unique like fluency in a second language, ability to provide homework help, or play a musical instrument? Don’t forget to share these on your profile.

Tip 7: Expected Salary: Most nannies and maids seek fair compensation for their work. Be sure to provide an indication of your expected hourly rate. Not sure about the rate? Check the average rates of other nannies on Yaya.\

Tip 8: Availability: Clearly indicate your availability to avoid being contacted for times when you're not free. Regularly update your availability whenever there are changes.

Tip 9: Video Greeting: A video greeting on your profile allows you to share more about yourself, why you love your work, and helps families get to know you better. This can be more convincing than a written description and gives families a better feel for your personality and communication style. For more information check out our article about recording a profile video.

Creating a profile that stands out is your ticket to connect with families looking for nannies and maids. Start optimizing your profile today!

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