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How to Record a Profile Video

Updated: Feb 24

Did you know that Yaya allows you to supplement your profile picture with a profile video? This feature enhances your visibility and increases your chances of connecting with the right families or nannies. Make the most of this feature with our tips to create the best profile video!

While most people upload a profile picture, adding a profile video brings your profile to life. This not only helps nannies stand out but can also be beneficial for families. In essence, it's about sharing who you are and why others should connect with you.

How to Create an Engaging Profile Video. Follow our tips to avoid common mistakes and maximize your chances of making meaningful connections:

Choose the Right Background: Record your video in a well-lit area to clearly show your face. Front lighting reduces shadows and is preferred. Also, choose a quiet space free from distractions like music or background chatter.

Woman with good profile background
The key to success is a well lit plain background and wearing plain clothes

Dress Appropriately and Be Authentic: Dress as you would for an interview. Maintain a respectful appearance suitable for interacting with families. Avoid offensive prints or using filters that distort your true appearance.

Make the Most of Your Time: You have 30 seconds – use it wisely. Introduce yourself and highlight why you're a great fit. Ensure the focus is on you, without distractions in the background. Remember, a warm smile can go a long way!

Use Impactful Words: What should you say in these 30 seconds? Apart from stating your name and age, captivate your audience. Consider answering these questions:

  • Why do you enjoy your work?

  • What are your key strengths?

  • Why should families choose you?

Remember to say "Thank You" and maintain a positive tone throughout the video. Use the video to show more of your personality, instead of simply repeating what's written in your profile description. Speak clearly and at a moderate volume.

Practice makes perfect, so feel free to rehearse before recording the final version of your profile video.

What are you waiting for? Enhance your profile and increase your chances of finding the perfect family or nanny with an engaging profile video!

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