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Essentials for Happy Kids: How to Pack the Perfect Nanny Bag in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

As a nanny in UAE, ensuring the safety, comfort, and happiness of the children you care for is your top priority. Being well-prepared is the key to success, and packing the perfect nanny bag in Dubai can make you standout as a star nanny.

Items to pack in a nanny bag
Make sure you always have the essentials on you when you're out with the kids

We've compiled a comprehensive packing list to help you stay prepared for any situation, whether you're exploring the city with your charges or spending a day at the park.

1. Change of Clothes: Children in the UAE can be active and adventurous, which sometimes leads to unexpected messes. Always pack an extra set of clothes for both yourself and the kids to handle any spills or mishaps gracefully.

2. First-Aid Essentials: Safety is paramount. Equip yourself with a compact first-aid kit containing bandages, antiseptic wipes, antibiotic ointment, and tweezers. This ensures you can quickly address minor injuries or accidents. Be sure to also check out our article on First Aid for Kids.

3. Cleaning Supplies: Hand hygiene is more important than ever. Carry hand sanitizer, wet wipes, and tissues to keep everyone clean and comfortable.

4. Snacks (with Parental Guidance): Keep both yourself and the children well-fed during your adventures. While healthy snacks are essential, having a special treat on hand can work wonders to brighten a child's day, especially during virtual classes or long outings

While it's important to have snacks readily available, especially during extended outings, it's equally crucial to consider the preferences and dietary restrictions of the children you care for. Before packing snacks, communicate with the parents to understand their preferences and guidelines regarding what's appropriate.

  • Timing Matters: Discuss with the parents the preferred snack timings for their children. Some kids have specific snack schedules to align with their daily routines, while others may have dietary restrictions that need to be accommodated.

  • Healthy Choices: In the Dubai, the emphasis on healthy eating is significant. Opt for snacks that are nutritious and align with the family's dietary values. Fresh fruits, vegetable sticks, and whole-grain snacks are often good choices.

  • Special Treats: Occasionally, a special treat can bring joy to a child's day. However, it's essential to be aware of any allergies or restrictions. Parents can provide guidance on what indulgent treats are suitable and how often they can be offered.

5. Water Bottle: The Middle East's climate demands constant hydration. Consider using reusable water bottles to save space in your bag and reduce environmental impact.

6. Sunscreen and Sun Hats: Sun protection is crucial. Opt for pediatrician-recommended sunscreens that contain zinc oxide to shield delicate skin from the sun's rays. Don't forget to include lip balm with SPF for added protection, and consider packing sun hats to provide extra shade and protection for your little ones on sunny outings

7. Books or Educational Toys: Engage and entertain the children with books or educational toys. These items not only provide entertainment but also promote learning and can be comforting to anxious children.

8. Phone Charger: Your phone is an indispensable tool for communication and scheduling. Always carry a charger or battery pack, and have a backup plan such as essential contact information on paper.

9. Planner or Schedule: Stay organized with tools to manage your schedule effectively. Many nannies find it helpful to use both a mobile app and a physical planner to ensure they're always on top of their commitments.

10. Something New or Surprising: Surprise and delight the children with unexpected crafts or activities. It doesn't have to be elaborate; simple yet engaging activities can make your day together memorable.

Remember, it doesn't have to be extravagant or costly. The key is to choose something that captures the child's interest and brings excitement to trying something new for a while.

By keeping these essentials in your nanny bag, you'll be well-prepared to handle any situation that arises while caring for children in the diverse and vibrant UAE climate. Not only will parents be impressed with your readiness, but you'll also create lasting and positive memories for the children you care for.

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