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How much does it cost to hire a Nanny in UAE?

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Hiring a nanny in the UAE involves various costs and considerations, tailored to both the employer's needs and the regulatory environment. The process includes understanding visa sponsorship costs, monthly salaries, and additional benefits that contribute to the overall expense.

Tadbeer Domestic Helper Agency
There are many Tadbeer agencies in UAE that can process your nannies visa

Visa sponsorship is a significant part of the initial costs, with first-year expenses, including a refundable deposit, generally ranging between AED 8,000 and AED 9,000.

Visa costs for employing a nanny in the UAE can significantly differ depending on whether you choose to sponsor the nanny directly or opt for sponsorship through a Tadbeer agency.

The costs outlined in this article reflect the cheapest rate available, specifically when utilising Tadbeer agency sponsorship. Direct sponsorship might entail different financial obligations, including potentially higher visa fees. It's crucial for employers to consider these variables when deciding the best sponsorship route for their needs, as each option comes with its own set of requirements and expenses as well as pros & cons.

The monthly salary for a nanny varies based on experience, qualifications, and living arrangements, typically falling between AED 2,000 and AED 5,000. For live-in nannies, salaries are usually between AED 2,000 and AED 3,000, including room and food, while live-out nannies might earn between AED 3,000 and AED 4,500, factoring in accommodation and transport costs​​.

Additionally, employers are responsible for other benefits such as health insurance, annual leave, and sometimes an annual bonus or allowances for miscellaneous items like personal care products. Employers can manage these costs by budgeting effectively and utilising financial management apps.

Case Study: Understanding the Costs for a Typical Live-Out Nanny in the UAE

Our case study focuses on the Al-Fahim family, residing in Dubai. With both parents working in high-demand professions, the decision to hire a live-out nanny was driven by the need for reliable childcare for their two children, aged 3 and 5. After a thorough selection process, they hired Aisha, a highly recommended nanny with five years of experience in childcare and early childhood education.

Costs of a Nanny in UAE

1. Visa Sponsorship: The Al-Fahim family opted for a two-year visa for Aisha, costing AED 8,500 from a Tadbeer agency. This expense is crucial for legal employment in the UAE and represents a significant initial investment in hiring a live-out nanny.

2. Monthly Service Fee: In addition to the visa cost, the family incurs a monthly service fee of AED 263. This fee covers administrative aspects of Aisha's employment, including service fees and gratuity, amounting to an annual expenditure of AED 3,156.

3. Monthly Salary: Aisha receives a monthly salary of AED 3,500. As a live-out nanny, this salary compensates for her expertise, dedication, and the responsibilities she undertakes in caring for the children. Annually, this translates to AED 42,000.

4. Annual Ticket: A contractual obligation includes an annual return ticket to Aisha's home country every two years, costing the family AED 3,000, or AED 1,500 annually when averaged over the two-year period.

The total annual cost for the Al-Fahim family to employ Aisha amounts to approximately AED 51,000 This figure encapsulates the visa sponsorship prorated for a year, the monthly service fee, Aisha's salary, and the biennial ticket cost averaged annually. It's important to note that this case study serves as an example, and actual costs in real-world scenarios can vary significantly based on factors such as the visa provider, negotiated salary, accommodation preferences, allowances, and other employment terms

For a detailed overview of all the expenses involved in hiring a nanny in UAE, please refer to the table provided below:

Cost breakdown of a typical family hiring a Nanny in UAE

Cost Type

Amount (AED)


Visa Sponsorship (2 year visa)

8,500 - Upfront Cost 263 - Service Fee

Cost for a visa via

Monthly Salary

1,500 - 5,000 (Average: 3,500 for live-out)

Salary depends on experience, qualifications, and living arrangements.

Annual Health Insurance

500 (often included in visa costs)

Minimum cost if not included in visa fees.

Annual Bonus/Allowances


Not mandatory, but some families choose to provide this.

Food and Accommodation

Included in salary (for live-out nannies)

Some families may choose to provide an extra allowance for food.

Annual Ticket Allowance

On average 3,000 (for a ticket to Philippines)

For a return flight ticket home after two years; some provide yearly.



Items such as personal care products.

For those considering the sponsorship route, it's crucial to be aware of the legal and financial obligations. This includes ensuring the nanny has a valid work permit, health insurance, and a separate living space if required. The sponsorship process involves several steps, from selecting a suitable sponsor to fulfilling all legal requirements set out by the UAE Domestic Labor Law​​ (for more information read our article Navigating Domestic Helper Labor Laws.

In summary, while the cost of hiring a nanny in the UAE can be significant, careful planning and consideration of all available options can help manage these expenses effectively. It's also advisable to shop around and compare services and packages from different providers to find the best fit for your family's needs and budget.



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