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Family Travel Tips UAE: Keeping Your Cool While Flying with Kids

Updated: Jan 26

As the holiday season approaches, many parents in the UAE are gearing up for travels with their little ones. In the UAE, where family trips often mean flying to exciting destinations or returning home for a visit, the journey can be as routine as it is challenging. Managing everything from passports to pacifiers, while hoping for seamless travel, is a common scenario for many families here. But fear not! We at Yaya have gathered a host of invaluable tips to master the art of traveling with children. Whether it's a quick weekend escape to a nearby gem in the Gulf or a longer journey across continents, our strategies are tailored to make your family’s travel experience more enjoyable and less stressful. Embrace these proven tips and transform your family travel from a task into a treat, all while exploring the wonders that await beyond the skies of the UAE!

Man with his son at an airport
One aspect of travel that is stressful is our children’s big emotions
  • Embrace Imperfection: Real life rarely matches our wildest fears. Prepare for challenging scenarios like delays and fussy children. Being ready for the unexpected makes all the difference.

  • Opt for direct flights: Book early to get the best deals flying direct to minimise potential hassles where possible. Selecting seats strategically – children by the window and adults by the aisle – can prevent accidents and ease movement.

  • Plan Your Arrival: If needed, book a pick up service and inform them of any requirements for child seats in advance. Contact your hotel before travel and request early check-in.

  • Positive Energy: Anxiety is contagious. Instead of transmitting your fears, build excitement about the journey, focusing on the fun aspects of flying.

  • Set Clear Expectations: Like a coach, explain the travel process to your children. Discuss airport security, in-flight sensations, and onboard behavior.

  • Travel Smart: Overpacking can quickly turn chaotic. Remember, you can always buy essentials at your destination.

  • Well-Stocked Carry-On: Pack essentials and an extra outfit for kids (and yourself if travelling with a baby or toddler). Be prepared for chilly flights or use jackets as makeshift pillows. Check out our guide to packing the perfect kids bag.

  • Understand Airline Policies: Not all airlines have the same allowances for car seats or strollers (some low-cost airlines do not allow strollers such as the Yoyo as carry-on. Research beforehand and consider practicality in your travel choices.

  • Pre-Flight Energy Burn: Utilize UAE's expansive airports for a pre-flight walkabout with the kids, letting them explore and burn off energy.

  • Utilize Early Boarding: Use early boarding to secure overhead compartment space and settle in comfortably.

  • Dress for Convenience: Nursing mothers should opt for comfortable clothing for hassle-free feeding and bathroom breaks.

  • Avoid 'Hangry' Moods: Bring lots of snacks. A mix of healthy choices and treats can keep moods stable like fresh fruit, raisins or crackers.

  • Invest in Quality Headphones: Avoid frustration with good-quality headphones for in-flight entertainment.

  • Politeness Matters: Courteous interactions with fellow passengers and flight attendants can significantly improve your flying experience.

  • Stay Hydrated: Handling kids on flights requires clear-headedness. Save alcoholic indulgences for post-flight celebrations.

  • Keep Kids Close: In bustling UAE airports, keeping your child close is essential, whether through a stroller, baby carrier, or a child leash.

  • Last to Leave: Wait for the plane to empty before leaving. This ensures you don’t leave anything behind and offers a chance for kids to interact with the flight crew.

  • Have an Emergency Bag of Games: Yes, screens can save the day, but always pack some low-tech boredom-fighters, too.

  • Flexibility is Key: The most important tip is to stay relaxed and adaptable. Remember, you’re on a holiday to enjoy!

AtYaya, we understand the dynamics of family life and strive to offer guidance that makes every aspect of parenting a little easier and a lot more enjoyable. Traveling with children can be a delightful adventure filled with precious memories, and with the right preparation, it can be smoother than you ever imagined. So, pack your bags, embrace the journey, and most importantly, enjoy every moment of your family adventure! Keep following Yaya for more tips, insights, and expert advice on all things family and childcare.

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