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Interviewing a Domestic Helper or Nanny in Dubai or Abu Dhabi

Updated: 6 days ago

Hiring a domestic helper or nanny in Dubai is a vital decision that can significantly influence your family's everyday life. The interview process is a crucial step in making an informed choice. This comprehensive guide to interviewing a a nanny in Dubai will help you conduct effective interviews.

Preparation is Key

Before the interview, review the candidate's profile on Yaya, noting their skills, experiences, and personal attributes. Also, prepare a list of questions tailored to your family's specific needs and the candidate's past experiences. Here are a few essential questions to consider:

  • Can you describe your previous experience as a domestic helper or nanny?

  • What kind of tasks were you responsible for in your previous roles?

  • What age group of children are you most experienced with?

  • Do you have any formal training or certifications in childcare or first aid?

Setting the Scene

Choose a quiet, comfortable place for the interview. This can be your home, a public place, or a video call, depending on what you and the candidate are comfortable with. The interview's location can greatly influence how comfortably the candidate expresses themselves.

Women shaking hands
Making your interview more casual can help bring our your Nannies personality

Begin with an Introduction

Start by introducing yourself and your family, including your family's routine, your children's ages, and the specific responsibilities of the job. This not only helps set the tone but also lets the candidate know what to expect from the role.

Review their Experiences, Skill & References

Delve into their past experiences as a domestic helper or nanny. Ask them to provide examples of how they handled specific situations. Probing their skills and experiences will give you an idea of how they would handle similar situations in your home. Consider asking questions like:

  • Can you share an instance where you faced a challenging situation in your previous role and how you handled it?

  • How do you handle stress or unexpected situations?

  • How do you discipline children? Can you provide an example?

  • Can you provide references from your past employers?

Discuss the Role in Detail

Talk about the role and responsibilities in detail, from daily tasks to broader expectations. It's important that the candidate fully understands what the job entails and feels comfortable with it. You can assess their cultural understanding by asking:

  • Have you previously worked in the Middle East or with a (insert your nationality) family?

  • Are you familiar with our local customs, traditions, and religious practices?

  • How do you feel about taking on additional duties such as cooking, cleaning or babysitting?

Gauge their Interaction with Your Family

If possible, observe their interaction with your family, especially your children. This is particularly important for a nanny role. Their comfort level and natural instincts when interacting with your family can be a good indicator of their suitability for the role.

Discuss Expectations

Talk about your expectations in terms of working hours, time off, responsibilities, and behavior. Being clear about your expectations can help prevent misunderstandings later. It's also crucial to understand their future aspirations:

  • What are your long-term goals as a domestic helper or nanny?

  • How long do you anticipate staying with our family if you are offered the job?

Encourage Questions

Towards the end of the interview, invite them to ask any questions they may have. This not only allows them to clarify any doubts but also shows that you value their thoughts and concerns. Also, assess their communication style:

  • How do you typically communicate with your employers about daily tasks or any issues that arise?

  • Do you feel comfortable asking for help or clarification if you need it?

End on a Positive Note

Wrap up the interview on a positive note, expressing your appreciation for their time. Inform them of the next steps in the hiring process and when they can expect to hear back from you.

Remember, the goal of the interview is not only to evaluate the candidate's suitability for the role but also to ensure that they feel comfortable and informed about the job and your family's expectations. With thorough preparation and a thoughtful approach, you can make the interview process a positive experience for everyone involved. For more tips on how to find a trustworthy nanny on Yaya, read here.

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